You have to do a jump and spin around and get on a ladder then spin around and get on the ladder agin and then yo neeed to get on the ;ladder or something and get back on the ladder and then jump off the ;dder and jump back on yhe ladder and get off the ;adder and then you will notice you are facing the oppostice dirtectinon to what you were facing when you were on the ladder for the first timne tbh and then do a quickscope but dont hit anyone because you arre not on the ladder because then you need to get back on the ladder in oreder to complete your trickshot because you need to jump on the ladder then off the ladder then get back on the ladder and ythnen do a noscope but odnt hit anyone again. Odus the alligator will then apprear on your screen because it is the new easter egg that EA games released into the map STONEDpeople and trickscope odus and then make sure you get a collateral with a different enemy in the game. Make sure they are setting up for you exactly 3cm in frnot of your quicksoper weapong becasue then you will have complted the BACkwards Sope.