Trickshotting is a very popular and creative way of playing Call of Duty. It is most popular and effective on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but can also be done on the other Call of Duty games.

The aim of trickshotting is hit a creative shot with a sniper on an enemy for the final killcam, whether its Team Deathmatch or the more popular Search and Destroy. There are a variety of ways to kill the opposing player using glitches and techniques.

As time has gone by and trickshotting has become more popular, it has evolved and become more challenging as new and more complex shots have been found.

On XBOX and Playstation 3, there are many, many trickshotting teams that post their shots and episodes to YouTube and a very large trickshotting community has evolved. Probably, the most popular and original trickshotting team is FaZe Clan which have over 1 million subscribers.