The Trikky ZooMZ00m is a very popular trickshot, it is the greatest out of all the trickshots, the only reason FaZe havnen't attempted such a trickshot is because it is too great, even for our lords and masters, FaZe Clan. However, we have listed it here to educate you in the way of the Trikky ZooMZ00m

How To AchieveEdit

To do this difficult shot you must first need to go to any pc/laptop and play runescape, as activision and jagex are partnered and are waiting for you to link your cod acccount. Type in the words into the chat : I am prepared for the Trikky ZooMZ00m into the chat, then type in your console, psn/xbox live/steam username and password. Then start playing cod and you will become a brand new FaZe member in no time. The game itself will see you have accomplished the steps, applaud you with a message of gratitude and instant master prestige, then it wil teach you the ways.

Is This Fake?Edit

This isnt fake at all, if you wanna believe its fake then it's your own loss, but ask yourself this, how does everyone become master prestige in the first few days of a games release? That's right. By buying Doritios Cool Ranch and mountain dew. mixing it all together and putting it in a tablet, then shoving that tablet in your ass. It gives you the boost required to worship your xbox controller.